Monday, March 11, 2013

the other side


So I have been on the other side of weddings these days, as a Maid of Honor. Honestly most of the weddings I have been part of were when I was younger or when I was super pregnant...remember Crystal? Perhaps no one trusted me with responsibility or I didn't accept it lol, but this ride with my elementary school best friend Denyse has been a whirlwind. Seeing as this is my business page I will avoid all the gushy friend stuff and say that this experience has taught me a lot about my potential clients and "subjects". There is an inherent anticipation of vulnerability built in the days before a wedding and I don't consider myself overly vain or lacking self confidence..besides there's spanx for that, but wow these feelings and I'm not even the bride...oy vey.. There will be this barrel of a witness... perhaps her name will be Canon or Nikon. In my photography I always aim for the most flattering angle/lighting etc.. but let’s just say I have a fiercely new found respect for such views. Mrs. Canon, Mr. Nikon your are frightening, so please shoot like a sniper that no one can see...
***Above is the towel wedding cake my husband Adam made me promise not to share that he helped roll up..whoops...he's such a good egg

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