Monday, February 24, 2014

Communion mini mini's

Communion mini mini's 
10 minute individual ultra mini sessions, by the Monroe Goose Ponds (exact location tbd)
When: Saturday May 3rd and May 10th
Time: 8:30 am-12pm
Includes: 1 jpeg and matching 5x7 print with complimentary double
Your online gallery will contain three images to select from, all images available a la carte
Investment: $65 dollars per Communion child
Reservevations: Payment is due in full to reserve your space, kindly email desired date and time and more information will be sent to you email :
Please note these are individual sessions only, not group portraits and priced accordingly
Spring family mini session information will be available in March

Sunday, February 23, 2014

This is your life make it beautiful!

This couple put so much heart into the details of their day and it truly created an elegant, yet fun and relaxed feel.  From the signature cocktail the "Vinetta", to the custom shoes, personalized purse, forks and more there was nothing factory about this occassion. It was designed to reflect them, beautiful, vibrant and chill..yes it was quite cold. The bride radiates a sophisticated elegance...behind the scenes she may have almost...I say almost lost her sh*T at one point but if you knew the laundry lists of items that she had to roll with...she for me...WOW relaxed...and the ease you could see she felt in her grooms presence..yeah this is good stuff. One of my favorite parts was her toast to him a quote from a movie that she cannot recall so if you recognize it let us know. On a piece of paper she has held onto for many years read...
 " I promise in our next life  I will look for you harder, find you sooner and not waste so much time with the others". 
I love that she had that for so long and they both waited to make their life beautiful together. Thank you for trusting me to share your story.

Monday, February 17, 2014

How do you tell a story?

How do you tell the unique story of a couple and their wedding day? Sometimes I like to start at the VERY beginning. I  ask  my couples to share a photograph or two or their parents or grandparents etc.  I'm still working on the grooms side, but here is where the brides story starts... her parents wedding photo I'm guessing some 60 years ago and here is our 2014 bride. Photography for me, is more than good composition and quality lighting. It should be assumed and expected that a professional will deliver on that end. But how do you narrate a story that will transport the subject and viewer? Photography for me is a very personal portal, but also a vessel used to connect our minds to the fluidity of our present and past. I hope you enjoy this, these images always make me happy.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

The decisive moment

Henri Cartier Bresson coined the term the "decisive moment" with his photography...that moment when the universe is align. This was yesterdays. The brides father walks her down the aisle, on the birthday anniversary of the bride's deceased mother. This date chosen to honor and create a new anniversary. If there was nothing else I captured yesterday having this....this beautiful, warm moment is success and the reason I fall in love with photographs everyday. Unfortunately health made this fathers presence short at the ceremony...but the confidence his determined gaze to the groom emanates and the joy felt on the brides face...THIS was the moment. A torch of unconditional, forever love has been passed to share and treasure for eternity. Ok...but fortunately that's not all I captured so stay tuned!!!! Congratulations A and V!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day B n D!

“When someone blushes, doesn't that mean 'yes'?” - The Little Prince

but of appears so. Here's to the beginning of your love story, sealed with a kiss....or two. Happy Valentine's Day!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Laughter + Love = PERFECTion

just a quick few tonight because I am terrible at waiting and I'd much rather edit a few photos then fold my ridiculous mound of Sunday night's like I can't concentrate on anything knowing I have some photographs to edit, enjoy and share...
ok so I think it's pretty clear...he makes her REALLY can sorta hear it right?...And he....well he LOOOVES her...look at him! More to come but I had to get these out!