Thursday, July 28, 2011

What if it was always July?

I just read this quote tonight,

"I wonder what it would be like to live in a
world where it was always June.-- L. M. Montgomery"

I think it would be wonderful. I embrace summer freedom.I finally had sometime to photograph some of the little people in my world.Here are my parents Grandkids. I have to say when you are related to your subjects photographing them can be a bit harder and frankly none of the adults help steer the's just Jamie wants to take some pictures again ...blah blah blah. My Monroe, bi level upbringing wants to be able to produce the picture perfect sitting portrait for my Mom...but I prefer the above photographs. Not because it's is what I got (I saw Sublime this week..fantastic concert), but life is in motion and these six kiddies are no exception! One difference if you happen to notice... the girls will pause and look.....the boys not so much. I have to make a shot out to the littlest fella my "Q", touching his head in the group shot...poor thing has been working on so many tasks/directives in Early Intervention when I asked him to sit quietly he tapped his head, worries he has got it down pat now ;) I love that I have this moment! I know I am biased here but look at Grandma and Grandpa's girls...good thing they have these boy cousins around. Ahh hopefully one day I can whisk my nieces away for a spa day, while my nephew and sons tear it up somewhere.Best time to photograph my guys...when they are crashed out hard on the couch.

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Friday, July 22, 2011

Adriana & Jason are getting married...SOON!

I met this lovely couple down at Rockefeller Park and I see why this park became such an important part of their relationship. Aside from the natural beauty of the landscape, it is here that Jason shared his joy of running with Adriana and now a place they often come to exercise. It is also the place where(with a little help from family) that he proposed right on that sweet stone walkway. I'll let the bride share her initial reaction to the proposal...They are clearly excited about the wedding, but more importantly so in love...absolutely no hesitation when I suggested a how 'bout a kiss type shot. I am truly looking forward to their September wedding.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

sweet baby "J"

This little cutie now makes the dinner reservation for FOUR...but it will be a few years before dinner out is These siblings are just 22 months apart...whirl wind. Look at his big sister..amazing eye lashes. It seems to me new life is always flanked with a reminder of the circle of life...bittersweet. Safe to say baby "J" has brought a lot of much needed JOY. The flag he rests on was his Grandfather's. Adding a memento to a shoot like this is a sincere and loving way to make a photographic nod to loved one's that live on in our youth and hearts. I think the flag and tie photograph should be collaged for some labor day festivity ;) Baby was happiest in Mommy's truly is the best place! One day his finger will be big like his daddies, but for now Daddy gets to relish that his little guy can barely wrap his this..I do! What a beautiful to all....

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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Ruth and Jeremy's Backyard Wedding BLISS!

This wedding made me fall in love with backyard weddings. There was a homespun elegance that resonated with the artist in me. It was an eclectic, personal, energetic affair filled with spirit. At this wedding I learned what the "Captain Morgan" pose is, as seen by the groomsmen above....what can I say I'm a beer drinker.... What made this event so special aside from the obvious is that in 25 years from now this couple can look out at their beautiful backyard and will be able to relish in the notion that their journey as husband and wife started right here...that is simply a beautiful thing.... Now ladies you know you've got a good guy when he bears hugs his sweet is that photo... This Mama was soooo excited to see her youngest baby become the first to wed. No need to point it out, but the bride look absolutely stunning, her hair was simply gorgeous....and her smile contagious...her parents beamed with pride! The night was filled rum punch and toasts that brought laughter, as well as tears. A very special congratulations to Ruth and Jeremy!

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Special thanks to my fab second shooter Miss Rachel Leib and Mr.Tyler Brown for his videography skillz.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Welcome to the world little Miss "H"

Here is little Miss "H" and family. She is welcomed by her parents and adorning big brother. For those of you ladies out there with older brothers you can see why I love the picture of her crying... let the lifetime of teasing begin (I know this from experience with two big brothers of my own). Let is also be noted that big brothers rock and offer a lifetime of adventure and fun. If your wondering in the top photo YES he is indeed LICKING his Mommy's funny is that!? What's even more precious is look at how happy this Momma of TWO looks while being licked! Babies are so fascinating especially when they are sleeping and dreaming...Miss H looks so wish is that all of her precious little dreams come to all

Sunday, July 3, 2011

people ARE GOOD!

A friend of mine posted a link on Face Book of this Autistic man singing the national anthem and it melted my heart, while giving me chills. It took me back to when my oldest son was learning the Pledge of Allegiance and I was so blown away by his progress in early intervention being a student at INSPIRE. Just for clarity,Gavin is not Autistic, but his early years have been saturated with sensory issues, so these triumphs are near and dear to my heart. My younger son has sensory issues as well.... I've been told PDD-NOS... I don't know...label or no label what I do know is he's my mushee cuddle bug....chugging away making progress everyday.

One of my current business goals is to reach out to families of children/adults with special needs. We all know professional photographic portraiture is a luxury service, but it is a service that beyond the financial investment potential clients should feel comfortable emotionally investing in. I know too many people that have stayed away from portrait studios etc. because of how they feared their children would be received or misunderstood. My professional goal is to ease those fears in a relaxed familiar environment with flexibility and fun, while creating portraits.

My worlds of motherhood, artist and educator are beginning to blend and that's pretty exciting!

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Autistic Man Singing National Anthem Gets Some Help