Thursday, July 28, 2011

What if it was always July?

I just read this quote tonight,

"I wonder what it would be like to live in a
world where it was always June.-- L. M. Montgomery"

I think it would be wonderful. I embrace summer freedom.I finally had sometime to photograph some of the little people in my world.Here are my parents Grandkids. I have to say when you are related to your subjects photographing them can be a bit harder and frankly none of the adults help steer the's just Jamie wants to take some pictures again ...blah blah blah. My Monroe, bi level upbringing wants to be able to produce the picture perfect sitting portrait for my Mom...but I prefer the above photographs. Not because it's is what I got (I saw Sublime this week..fantastic concert), but life is in motion and these six kiddies are no exception! One difference if you happen to notice... the girls will pause and look.....the boys not so much. I have to make a shot out to the littlest fella my "Q", touching his head in the group shot...poor thing has been working on so many tasks/directives in Early Intervention when I asked him to sit quietly he tapped his head, worries he has got it down pat now ;) I love that I have this moment! I know I am biased here but look at Grandma and Grandpa's girls...good thing they have these boy cousins around. Ahh hopefully one day I can whisk my nieces away for a spa day, while my nephew and sons tear it up somewhere.Best time to photograph my guys...when they are crashed out hard on the couch.

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  1. Jamie! I love getting to know you just a little bit more! keep em comin'!

  2. Agree with Chrstine completely! Great post... so interesting to get to see more of your life and loves... thanks for sharing your life!

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  4. You hit a jackpot with sharing your family photos complete with anecdotes about your day!
    Personally, I love reading about other families with especially when children are involved! Real life stories beat fiction any day and yes it's perfectly okay to write about the Kaminski Family and post photos of the ones you love best in the world on your Photography Blog.
    I feel it gives your clients/readers more insight into who and what you are, a bridge so to speak, between client and photographer ~ Thank you for a good read and some lovely photos to browse through!
    Love, Susan
    P.S. Should have checked my grammar prior to the previous post. That was the reason for deleting it....only to correct my error :)