Thursday, September 27, 2012

Getting Ready

Here are some shots of the new Mrs. B getting ready. I always find this part fun. The rush, the emotion... no one noticing what I see... the glances, hand holding and gestures. Life is in the details. I just love the hanger, the handpicked flowers and her curls so sleek. The father of the bride beamed with pride, her mother and sister clearly excited. This bride has a natural, elegant beauty that radiated on this day.  We were running a bit behind, but hey the wedding doesn't start without the bride. I love how the groom is keeping his cool waiting for his lady. He kept looking around with a eager grin, rubbing his hands together.  His best "WO"man, his sister, offers a pat on the back to remind him to be in the here & now while they share a few nervous laughs.. I will post more of this journey in a few....

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

When You Wish Upon A Star

Last week my little man Quaid turned 4. We had a great party at home surrounded by our family. As parents we all have wishes for our children. We dream bright and big, but we also dream that they will dream and wish big for themselves. We all know birthday wishes are sealed with blowing out your birthday candle...but see Q hasn't been able to do that...well that is until this year! For the past two years  Quaid has worked really hard with a small army of teachers, including his grandparents that have loved him, challenged him and continue to push him. From his early intervention days to his current pre school days we are all so proud of him. Just look at his big brother and cousins cheering him on.  He is so loved. As he blew out his birthday candle for the VERY FIRST time I watched his Daddy (who is responsible for all my dreams) wipe a quick tear.. no one noticed ...why would they... this was seemingly uneventful. For us it was monumental. I welled up inside with emotion..mostly joy. Quaid you are my bright spot, my wish, my star. Here's to many more wishes coming true.
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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fall in love with fall family MINI Photo sessions

Fall Mini's
I see colorful leaves & plaid

Saturday October 20, rain date 21 (only 5 spaces available) 2:30- 4:30


Sterling Forest State Park, let's meet at the visitor's center

Each group will be photographed for 20-25 minutes. (Groups limited to 5 members only, larger groups email for details).
(2) digital downloads and (2) 5x7 images of your choice. 
Your gallery should include aprx 10-15 images 
Fall bonus...repeat clients get an extra 5 x7 image

$130 per group

Reserve your session:
To reserve a space please email me via Jamie Kaminski Photography on Face Book 
 The $130 session fee is due in full prior to secure your space and is non refundable. 
 In the event that you are unable to attend you will be credited for a future session to be used within the next consecutive 6 months 

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Monday, September 10, 2012

Of course we remember

Every year I host a photo fundraiser titled, “A Smile to Remember”. This event is in memory of a high school friend Lynne Morris, who was lost during the 9/11 attacks. Tomorrow is not the day I remember her most, in fact it’s the day I like to think of her the least. I wrap my brain around the horrific events by reminding myself that there was a brief beautiful lifetime before…. 
The mini photo sessions I offer yearly at, "A Smile to Remember" honor Lynne’s smile, energy and laughter…all of which were infectious.

I recall her help on English vocabulary tests (she had the answers... ok I’m sorry but I copied & when we got caught we laughed so hard.. not my finest moment), dancing in my childhood dining room and doing a host of teenage things I wish I could say I’ve out grown… one memory included breaking her college dorm room bed…but you know what… our circle liked to have a good time so we have all continued living with that fun spirit in our own way.

Life will present you with villains and hero’s. Today I think of my friends & family who have been my hero’s with an ear to offer in dark hours and bright.  Of course we remember….how could we forget…
the love, laughter and life that was you.

*This year’s “A Smile to Remember” will be in the winter look at for snow and a post from me shortly after with information. I see sleds, hats, & fun!

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