Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Mommy and Me Mini's...or anyone else you love for that matter :)

When: Sunday May 3rd, 8:30 am-11am, rain date Sunday May 17

New Jersey Botanical Garden at Skylands Manor (it's beautiful here and there are bathrooms!!!)

Each group will be photographed for 20 minutes. (Groups limited to 5 members only, larger groups email for details).
at least 6  high resolution jpegs, with printing rights via download. 

$150 per group, at least 6 high resolution jpegs with printing rights, prints available a la carte

Reserve your session:
To reserve a space please like Jamie Kaminski Photography on Face Book  and message me 
or  email jamiekaminski@icloud.com with your preferred time

 *The $150 session fee is due day of. Checks payable to Jamie Kaminski or cash please
*Images will be processed by Tuesday the 5th so you can print and frame in time for Mother's Day (with the exception of  needing a rain date)!!!!

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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

IT TAKES BRAINS to light it up blue!

I have been quiet the last few months.  I was rendered quite speechless by a terrible unexpected loss in my inner circle of friends. I have thought a lot about my mortality the past few weeks and that of those closest to me. Just yesterday I had the scariest Mommy moment of mine to date...as my youngest son, Quaid, who has Autism, bolted out of a restaurant into a parking lot...I was right there.. I was watching him.. I caught him. On that day... for reasons unknown it all ended well,  I still quiver, I am eternally grateful. My husband and I have been doing some serious soul searching and reevaluation of what our days look like, I suppose that is the gift of being smacked in the face. There was a time when I thought Autism was the biggest challenge. I have learned it is but a different path, the challenge was recognizing that we ARE capable of walking within, around and through it.

Its hard for me to get motivated to light it up blue and cheerlead for Autism Awareness... I deal with this everyday and truth be told the 2nd of April sort of annoys me...why is it this conversation pertaining to a childhood epidemic is discussed only the day after April fool's? This is no joke in my life. It it with unconditional love that I embrace who my child is and advocate like a wild tiger on his behalf, but I will not concede that Autism is a gift or that he or I are "extra special" and that is why we were "chosen" for this path. While I  consider myself quite spiritual and pray to a God I believe in daily for strength and wisdom, Autism is a neurological disorder. A disorder rooted in science. While I would not trade my kid for the world, I do not wish Quaid's struggles on future children. It is in that vain that this year, a year when I listen closely to my mind and my soul about mortality, purpose and legacies big and small I register for,  It takes Brains http://www.takesbrains.org and donate my brain tissue, when I no longer need it. Perhaps someday my tissue, along with my families will shine a light on the science. That...that makes me glow on the inside.

*follow me on Instagram #JamieKaminski  to see my iphone photo a today...what started as a response to sorrow  has evolved into a necessary part of each day for me. A moment to pause as everything including my thoughts always spins too quickly.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Family Portrait..party of 30..no problem ..what about your family?

So if your are looking at these and are slightly jealous...contact me. A family portrait it's quite a conundrum...it's feat to coordinate and convince everyone...I know I have a family myself and to be honest after this shoot I'm all...that's IT this spring we are doing it! I have photographs of all the cousins and little people...but its those darn ADULTS that are so difficult....sorta reminds me of teaching. Listen it is a gift.. you really won't regret it and hey you can get everyone to chip in and share the cost. After the endless fb messages with your family and side bar bickering about whoever has the stones to actually coordinate this.. you'll be grateful..because ultimately your grateful for each one of them.... in their own unique crazy way. You are who you are because of them. The photo...that's your evidence, your heirloom. In 2015 Jamie Kaminski Photography will always be adding a print credit to any package...because you NEED the prints....technology will change...who knows what todays jpg will become in 2060...but a photo...well that ...that's timeless...enJOY!!! 

Saturday, December 27, 2014


There are a billion memories that I could share about this family I adore, but for right now lets just relish in the fact that ...YES there are 29 people in this photo above and YES they are looking. Now there are many versions and ya'll will be able to print the one you look best in lol..
but I needed to share... I was excited!
As for the photo below look at all the handsome young men in "Miss" Lolie's life....
A lucky gal for sure and I haven't even shown you the granddaughters and any other combination you could think of because...yes we took it! There may have been a large amount of marsh-mellow eating bribing..but I am not telling....

As for  this lovely lady below....We know it takes two and I believe the connections to heaven provided a warm December day, so we could ACTUALLY do this. A Mom the heart of a family...it never ceases to amaze me the power of one person...one person's love, one person's smile. A Happy New Year awaits and I am so grateful to be a part of it...much love!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

JOY to the World...mini gift certificates are available


Traditionally I offer gift certificates for full sessions only, which are about an hour and a half. Collections begin at $250...
For the holidays this year I am offering MINI gift certificates 
valid January 2015- September 2015
6 high resolution downloads
A 20 minute portrait session will take place in Orange County, NY location and date to be determined individually.
Prints and additional downloads available a la carte.
This is valid for groups up to 5, private message me for custom larger group packages, as they require more time

-"My boys, My world Queens", NY Christmas card 2014

Sunday, November 23, 2014

My World

I wouldn't dare share my Christmas card before Thanksgiving...because Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday... ok it ties with St.Patrick's Day, but anyway.... I am sharing these.... as there was a wardrobe change after and one photo in particular that sums up what I was looking for. There is always ONE photo for me..ONE that offers a glimpse of their personality.The ones here are good, but hopefully when you see my final you'll be able to see the difference...but check it out even a little family photo tripod action, I'll take it.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

It's in the details

A wedding provides a forum to become obsessed with details. As an artist I appreciate these details, as someone who loves history, especially the personal narrative, it is the heirloom details that always compel me. It is not about placing value on a thing, so much as it is having some object that brings pieces of one's most important history all together. As a photographer beyond the details of light and composition I seek details of your history. For this bride its the ring that had been her mothers and her mother's veil that was reworked into hers today. This wedding was an extremely happy occasion, fostered by a past looking forward to a bright future, shaped by many women (and men) who love this bride and groom to pieces.