Saturday, January 3, 2015

Family of problem ..what about your family?

So if your are looking at these and are slightly me. A family portrait it's quite a's feat to coordinate and convince everyone...I know I have a family myself and to be honest after this shoot I'm all...that's IT this spring we are doing it! I have photographs of all the cousins and little people...but its those darn ADULTS that are so difficult....sorta reminds me of teaching. Listen it is a gift.. you really won't regret it and hey you can get everyone to chip in and share the cost. After the endless fb messages with your family and side bar bickering about whoever has the stones to actually coordinate this.. you'll be grateful..because ultimately your grateful for each one of them.... in their own unique crazy way. You are who you are because of them. The photo...that's your evidence, your heirloom. In 2015 Jamie Kaminski Photography will always be adding a print credit to any package...because you NEED the will change...who knows what todays jpg will become in 2060...but a photo...well that ...that's timeless...enJOY!!! 

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