Sunday, May 12, 2013


There are many things that I could reflect on, especially on Mother's Day. I could try and describe what unconditional love means or utterly fail at articulating how much more I understand and value my Mom, as a Mom myself now. However there is one lesson that motherhood has taught me that I wasn't prepared for. Trust. In a world where the media can glorify tales of horror and mistrust, or teen disrespectful rantings about teachers or sink hole chaos for Chr*st children have taught me trust. I trust myself more because of them, my intuition and my own energy. I trust others because I have to and so much good has come from it. I have learned to trust my boys with each milestone and I trust in working daily on this crazy thing called marriage. I trust in fate, but I see that as participating in the design of my life. Gavin and Quaid you can trust that I will ALWAYS love you....even when you wake me. I believe that the fruit of life is sweet not forbidden, so trust me my little men dive in there's so much good to taste. Happy Mother's Day ladies!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Just What Brothers do

For the first time, in what has to be years my husband and I woke up and neither one of our boys made their way into our bed around 5am like they usually do. I remember hearing my little one cry in the middle of the night, but unlike most nights I didn't rush in... I let him cry a little... even though I feared he would wake up his older brother on the top bunk. My husband and I raced into their rooms this morning with that nervous feeling of somethings know what I am talking about. Much to our delight we found our oldest snuggling our youngest in the bottom bunk. When Gavin woke we asked if he heard Quaid cry in the middle of the night. He said, "Yes. So I climbed down and snuggled with him. I wanted to make him feel better. That's just what brothers do. " My big little man Gavin is something else I tell you. With all the crap autism spectrum disorders can dump on a family it does have its shining moments. This being a most recent example. Gavin has always been a love, but in learning about his brothers differences, Gavin has developed by fate, choice and design into a very caring six year old boy. I see him help often and I see how proud the spirit of giving gives him. It is an instrumental lesson that our quirky little family gives him. Just what brothers do.....can I lock that in a bottle forever?
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