Sunday, May 12, 2013


There are many things that I could reflect on, especially on Mother's Day. I could try and describe what unconditional love means or utterly fail at articulating how much more I understand and value my Mom, as a Mom myself now. However there is one lesson that motherhood has taught me that I wasn't prepared for. Trust. In a world where the media can glorify tales of horror and mistrust, or teen disrespectful rantings about teachers or sink hole chaos for Chr*st children have taught me trust. I trust myself more because of them, my intuition and my own energy. I trust others because I have to and so much good has come from it. I have learned to trust my boys with each milestone and I trust in working daily on this crazy thing called marriage. I trust in fate, but I see that as participating in the design of my life. Gavin and Quaid you can trust that I will ALWAYS love you....even when you wake me. I believe that the fruit of life is sweet not forbidden, so trust me my little men dive in there's so much good to taste. Happy Mother's Day ladies!

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