Monday, June 9, 2014

The Next Episode

Much of business seems to be creating this online persona or image. It is probably the aspect I like least of working for hire. Trying to create a catchy #,  appearing wanted or exceptionally busy. My business drive has been to thy own self be true and its about to get real. See I am way busy.. I 'm a mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, teacher and I balance all of that with my never ending desire to create art. My family of four has recently been uprooted, but just as my own wedding invitation read with a illustration of a tree with exposed roots,  "All that is essential is invisible"  I am trying to have faith that these roots will be planted even stronger. As a special needs mother there's not a whole lot you won't do for your kid...correction...NOTHING. Even if that means renting out your home, moving into your childhood home with you family of four to share the one bath with your parents because yes they still live there. See I tried to explain to a student that was new to this country that nothing is free. Of course in regards to a simple app sure, but I was somewhere much deeper in my thought. Things that are worthwhile require work, patience (my toughest challenge) and a willingness to design the big picture. I have very little need or desire for "free" things. We moved for our son to have the opportunity to continue with a stellar education program, there was a threat that it would have been taken away, had we stayed living at our home due to district blah blah special education nightmare crap... We have taken what emotionally feels like a billion steps backwards, but rest assured we will leap forward. In the mean time I have been trying to cease the opportunity to rid my life of unnecessary "things"... too too many "things", educate my older son on the power of experiences over objects and create a shared working space with my father. Who knew my Dad and I would have side by side computers and my studio would have authentic West Point swords hanging on the wall. In the mean time I am back in Monroe and feel lucky that we have such an emotionally supportive family. I'm working on a few photo story ideas for the summer, so that never resting mind is helpful.  I am pictured here in the ice cream aisle of the first job I ever had...Shop Rite where I would bag groceries. Why they are making Monroe baseball hats these days I have no idea...but alas I'll try it on. Now please, if you see me in the ice cream aisle too often please feel free to encourage me to walk the ponds. Here's to the Next Episode! Yes that is a totally inappropriate, wicked old hip hop song, that makes me feel good lately :)

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sharing a handshake, that shakes your soul

The images from this shoot will remain private per the wishes of the family, but I took a moment to photograph this 100 year old birthday girls hands because after speaking to her I realized sometimes more than a smile or a face... looking at her hands that have loved and worked for a century's pretty impressive. I asked this birthday girl about her very first was her younger brother coming home from the hospital after a successful surgery. I asked her about her first job...Woolworth's for 12 cents an hour...she used her older sisters working papers to get a job before she was allowed to legally work te he! She really lit up when speaking of her story. I became a bit enamored with the notion that these lovely hands still have so much to offer this world in term of history and spirit. They drive me to want to not only share my story but LIVE my story. It shook me up in all the right ways. I was honored to have shared a handshake with such a beautiful soul!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Gitty Up there's a wedding in the works!

I have no doubt that this wedding will be high energy fun, keeping me on my toes! These two laugh easily and its contagious. Now I may have needed to remind them that I was still at our shoot...but as a photographer if my subjects can forget I am even there...even better! Oo la la... At your wedding I promise not be in your face the whole time and yell at your family to pose or sit. Life is fluid and that's how I like to capture it. Congrats E and D! I am so looking forward to October.