Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sharing a handshake, that shakes your soul

The images from this shoot will remain private per the wishes of the family, but I took a moment to photograph this 100 year old birthday girls hands because after speaking to her I realized sometimes more than a smile or a face... looking at her hands that have loved and worked for a century's pretty impressive. I asked this birthday girl about her very first was her younger brother coming home from the hospital after a successful surgery. I asked her about her first job...Woolworth's for 12 cents an hour...she used her older sisters working papers to get a job before she was allowed to legally work te he! She really lit up when speaking of her story. I became a bit enamored with the notion that these lovely hands still have so much to offer this world in term of history and spirit. They drive me to want to not only share my story but LIVE my story. It shook me up in all the right ways. I was honored to have shared a handshake with such a beautiful soul!

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