Wednesday, September 19, 2012

When You Wish Upon A Star

Last week my little man Quaid turned 4. We had a great party at home surrounded by our family. As parents we all have wishes for our children. We dream bright and big, but we also dream that they will dream and wish big for themselves. We all know birthday wishes are sealed with blowing out your birthday candle...but see Q hasn't been able to do that...well that is until this year! For the past two years  Quaid has worked really hard with a small army of teachers, including his grandparents that have loved him, challenged him and continue to push him. From his early intervention days to his current pre school days we are all so proud of him. Just look at his big brother and cousins cheering him on.  He is so loved. As he blew out his birthday candle for the VERY FIRST time I watched his Daddy (who is responsible for all my dreams) wipe a quick tear.. no one noticed ...why would they... this was seemingly uneventful. For us it was monumental. I welled up inside with emotion..mostly joy. Quaid you are my bright spot, my wish, my star. Here's to many more wishes coming true.
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