Thursday, September 27, 2012

Getting Ready

Here are some shots of the new Mrs. B getting ready. I always find this part fun. The rush, the emotion... no one noticing what I see... the glances, hand holding and gestures. Life is in the details. I just love the hanger, the handpicked flowers and her curls so sleek. The father of the bride beamed with pride, her mother and sister clearly excited. This bride has a natural, elegant beauty that radiated on this day.  We were running a bit behind, but hey the wedding doesn't start without the bride. I love how the groom is keeping his cool waiting for his lady. He kept looking around with a eager grin, rubbing his hands together.  His best "WO"man, his sister, offers a pat on the back to remind him to be in the here & now while they share a few nervous laughs.. I will post more of this journey in a few....

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