Sunday, July 3, 2011

people ARE GOOD!

A friend of mine posted a link on Face Book of this Autistic man singing the national anthem and it melted my heart, while giving me chills. It took me back to when my oldest son was learning the Pledge of Allegiance and I was so blown away by his progress in early intervention being a student at INSPIRE. Just for clarity,Gavin is not Autistic, but his early years have been saturated with sensory issues, so these triumphs are near and dear to my heart. My younger son has sensory issues as well.... I've been told PDD-NOS... I don't know...label or no label what I do know is he's my mushee cuddle bug....chugging away making progress everyday.

One of my current business goals is to reach out to families of children/adults with special needs. We all know professional photographic portraiture is a luxury service, but it is a service that beyond the financial investment potential clients should feel comfortable emotionally investing in. I know too many people that have stayed away from portrait studios etc. because of how they feared their children would be received or misunderstood. My professional goal is to ease those fears in a relaxed familiar environment with flexibility and fun, while creating portraits.

My worlds of motherhood, artist and educator are beginning to blend and that's pretty exciting!

I wanted to take this time to share the link from Fenway stadium copy and paste the link or LIKE Jamie Kaminski Photography on Face Book and follow the link...feel free to share your thoughts...

Autistic Man Singing National Anthem Gets Some Help

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