Tuesday, July 19, 2011

sweet baby "J"

This little cutie now makes the dinner reservation for FOUR...but it will be a few years before dinner out is relaxing...lol. These siblings are just 22 months apart...whirl wind. Look at his big sister..amazing eye lashes. It seems to me new life is always flanked with a reminder of the circle of life...bittersweet. Safe to say baby "J" has brought a lot of much needed JOY. The flag he rests on was his Grandfather's. Adding a memento to a shoot like this is a sincere and loving way to make a photographic nod to loved one's that live on in our youth and hearts. I think the flag and tie photograph should be collaged for some labor day festivity ;) Baby was happiest in Mommy's arms...it truly is the best place! One day his finger will be big like his daddies, but for now Daddy gets to relish that his little guy can barely wrap his finger..love this..I do! What a beautiful family...love to all....

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