Sunday, February 23, 2014

This is your life make it beautiful!

This couple put so much heart into the details of their day and it truly created an elegant, yet fun and relaxed feel.  From the signature cocktail the "Vinetta", to the custom shoes, personalized purse, forks and more there was nothing factory about this occassion. It was designed to reflect them, beautiful, vibrant and chill..yes it was quite cold. The bride radiates a sophisticated elegance...behind the scenes she may have almost...I say almost lost her sh*T at one point but if you knew the laundry lists of items that she had to roll with...she for me...WOW relaxed...and the ease you could see she felt in her grooms presence..yeah this is good stuff. One of my favorite parts was her toast to him a quote from a movie that she cannot recall so if you recognize it let us know. On a piece of paper she has held onto for many years read...
 " I promise in our next life  I will look for you harder, find you sooner and not waste so much time with the others". 
I love that she had that for so long and they both waited to make their life beautiful together. Thank you for trusting me to share your story.

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