Monday, March 21, 2011

Tony's girls

A breath of baby fresh air is what I needed the day of this shoot. So much was going on in the world and it was time to celebrate quiet and not so quiet moments. Moments that don't make newspaper headlines, but moments that change a Mommy's heart. Tiny moments that move way too fast. I spent the shoot with Tony's girls and how beautiful they both are. I can imagine the pride in Tony's voice saying these are my girls when sharing the photographs. I can imagine Emelia brothers scheming to use the image of her with the wild colors for their first rock band cd cover. I see an elated mother filled with aww. I see a baby girl that is ready to take on the world already waving hello! I see a family that is complete and I feel joy! The miracle of you lifted me when I didn't even realize I needed thank you Miss Emelia! xoxoxo

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