Sunday, May 1, 2011

Meet the "R" family

When a family decides they would like to have a professional portrait taken it can surprisingly take you over with a sense of vulnerability. You are in fact letting a stranger into your life to observe you. All children face challenges, but when your child needs exceeded the typical the prospect of hiring a photographer is something most would choose not to do. All the what if's fill your brain and while you know it could go well..........well it may not. In my photographic practice I aim to assure my clients that while no one (not the participant or observer) likes a meltdown I am unfazed by this. From my own experiences in motherhood, life and as an educator I bring this understanding to my shoots. Besides who gets to decide what is typical when I typically have always had an affinity for the atypical?.....................hmm
All families have special needs, it is just that some are more evident than others. It should be noted that this shoot of the "R" family went fantastic and I felt honored to be trusted with these moments that move way too fast.

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