Thursday, September 8, 2011

BIG boy "J" becomes a BIG brother

This is the third year I have photographed the big brother picture above. Just when you think a kid can't get any cuter they do! Believe me look at his old pictures. This was a big year for "J" as he became a BIG Brother! We started the shoot with our annual Hudson River backdrop but holy bugs flood the Hudson Valley... well should be called a swamp. As we were leaving and swatting our faces a train whistled and his Daddy and I looked at each other and knew it was not quite time to put him in the car. As kids get bigger I feel this need to make them look smaller...look he still is a peanut next to this big train. After we headed back to the house to get some shots of 10 day old baby brother "Mr. D". You know when babies are so fresh and you can't stop looking at them...I love this picture of his parents. Even managed to steal a kiss shot...believe me this happened in a flash. Brother "J" is ready to help... placing the hat on his brother's FACE...ahh.. what a great reaction! I have two boys myself this WILL be an adventure...but they have a Mommy that is sure to handle boyhood with grace.

Look at how "J" has grown...too fast I tell you.....
@ one year old
A 2 years old

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