Sunday, March 18, 2012

Camera shy photographer?

Photographing a head shot for my website has proved to be an impossible task. Yup this photographer is a bit camera shy...not for silly faced photo's, but for anything serious or important...yuck. Yes I feel every angle is wrong and accents something I'd rather see downplayed...but the truth is having that camera barrel peer at you is just plain intimidating. It makes you feel sort of naked...which in some ways would be easier because it would be an artistic nude right?In my undergrad photography days we used to joke about how if you just got naked and photographed you'd earn an A...I've seen it work ;) My motive is storytelling, but my mission is to help you be you and not notice me doing what I do. I suppose that is why my "style" of photographing is candid, unobtrusive and relaxed. There is a level of trust needed between the model and the photographer and I have a great respect for the trust you place in me. I don't know about you but the thought of being the center of attention on my wedding day made me feel sick, I don't like being the center, but I was and it was awesome. I hired someone that got me and I never felt camera shy.

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