Saturday, January 4, 2014

Snowy Smile to Remember what did I learn today...shooting in the snow is HARD...everyone squints....ALOT. It is also hard for me to think when I am pressing buttons is hard lol... Children may be having fun in the snow but there expressions are more in line with agony and misery..because they too are SO cold :)HOWEVER I managed to get the above shots. Not near the volume I am used to producing on a shoot...but regardless every shoot always boils down to one picture.. sorta like that one framed wedding photo...ONE..not a million. To the 5 families that braved the cold, a sincere warm thank you. In lieu of putting these in an online gallery I will simply be emailing them to you within the next few days. It was great to use my new flash and lens in a challenging lighting situation. Mid day snow super uber brightness. Kindly make your donation to Lynne's scholarship fund as you see fit. See you at next years Smile to Remember...sometime warm.

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