Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Deliberately Unfocused

I hate hate hate that saying," those who do do and those who can't teach." I reject that with my whole heart. Today I was encouraged by a group of my teenage art students to join them in rolling down a hill at Storm King Art Center. It was for me a necessary escape from order and predictability. That's me top right, red shoes rolling until I thought I might throw up. Ending in a  pile up with some students...I had a fantastic day! My students keep me on my toes, challenge rules and make me laugh everyday. Creating art and teaching for me, is not about filling a box. Its imagining there is a box and knowing it can not possibly be filled. It is endless. Barriers or walls bend, end and curve. My profession as an educator informs my photography by helping me create order out of chaos, quick thinking and the necessity of seeing the bigger picture. I remain dancing between roles as artist and teacher, deliberately unfocused. For me I am certain this fits.

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