Thursday, June 2, 2011

the verdict is in..guilty of LOVE!

So if you really know me then you know how much I LOVE spontaneity, which is why I much prefer action shots than posed formals. This wedding was my first elopement and it filled my heart with so much joy to be present. The bride is my son Q’s therapist and she was his first kiss…well you can see why she looks so beautiful…watch out Tony there’s a younger man on your tail! I’m a sucker for little boys as I have two of my own, but look at these fella’s eagerly awaiting Mom’s wedding reveal... knocking at the door…PLEASE….they are SO handsome! Romance comes in many forms sometimes flowers, chocolates but in marriage it is a declaration of riding the weather through thick and thin….and what better time to remind each other than the “NOW”. Love is the look in her eyes as she stares at him during their vows….or the joy in his face when he first sees her when he reaches the top of the stairs. Everyone was clearly filled with joy (just look at the bride's mom and sister) for the two of you and your new beautiful family. XOXO to all…wishing you all the best!

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