Wednesday, June 1, 2011

With great pleasure I introduce baby "N"

There is nothing quite like the birth of your first child. You are filled with wonder, amazement and well a bit of fear. Beyond all of these emotions there is this amazing gush of love that cannot be described or contained.I just love how Mom and Dad pictured here couldn't keep their eyes off of baby "N"....can you feel the gush? Mom had saved this Tiffany box from her wedding shower and dreamed of putting a baby in it one signify the best gift ever...that just makes me melt. Baby "N" is an alert little lady...clearly she is not going to miss the party if she is anything like her folks... so she is bright eyed in these photographs. Look at the face photograph with the stripes in the background... that is her looking at her Mommy...too much sweetness.It seems like yesterday we did your engagement shoot...(oh wait it just kidding) and now your beautiful bundle xoxoxoxo to all!