Monday, November 7, 2011

baby "J" sits, rolls, tackles and swings

You may remember this couple from last year when I photographed their wedding. I remember the bride from third grade ;) Baby "J" is just so freakin' handsome that simple....and to top it off has the most adorable, pleasant, happy demeanor...he's the kinda of baby that gives women baby fever....The I need to say anything?..seriously can I have some butter with these rolls?....precious. I actually love this baby stage when they can sit, but they wobble, than fall and can't pick themselves back up.... going, going kerplunk..don't worry baby "J" Mommy and Dad will always swoop in to pick you up... but don't blink Daddy because before you know it he'll really be tackling you. These baby blue eyes are sure to break hearts, but for now they genuinely warm mine.

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