Tuesday, October 25, 2011

42 years of marriage...Impressive!

Whats more impressive than new love..well for me...love that has stood the test of time. "N" and "A" met in their homeland of Argentina. "A" took a trip to the United States where he was instantly impressed by the city lights at night and that breakfast was served st 3am. This translated into more than convenience..breakfast at 3 am meant there was work at 3am...round the clock work was available in the U.S. So what was missing?..the girl! He headed back to Argentina to marry and scoop up "N" and they headed to New York..started a family and the rest is history...42 years later. We meandered around Warwick for our session. Warwick became a second home of sorts...from their urban base in NYC. Their journey together has brought them down many roads with much to celebrate...including grand children..some that even call Warwick home. While some might fear there will be nothing to talk about in 40 years with their spouse...this shoot excited me....My wish is in 40 years from now my husband and I will have SO much to reflect like "N"and "A" about the roads we have traveled. It was a pleasure photographing and getting to know you!

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