Sunday, October 9, 2011

FB makes the world so small

Face Book has made the world so very small and in doing so created large opportunities. I got to reconnect with this family. They were my neighbors when I was a child. "G" and I had similar childhood dynamics as a kid. My cousin came to live with my family when I was child and although she was 30ish years my senior Doris instantly became the baby sister I craved. Now as an adult "G" also has two beautiful children, teaches and is an amazing photographer in her own right......weird... must have been something in the water. I appreciated the chance to photograph this family that has blossomed with love. "Miss C" is clearly a proud Auntie and it was my pleasure to receive a warm hug from her..such a love! Look at Grandpa smiling at his granddaughter so filled with joy. After raising two beautiful ladies Grandma and Grandpa get to experience having a grandson and son in law too! I'd say...jackpot!

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