Saturday, October 15, 2011

meet the "E" Family

I met the "E" family at Bear Mountain State Park. They received a gift certificate for Jamie Kaminski Photography at a golf outing supporting the Ed Wallace Memorial Foundation.
( This foundation supports families in Orange County, NY facing a crisis and was organized by Ed's family.
My first impression of these two kiddos was WOW cheecks!!! They both have the kind you wanna pinch and squeeze! We walked around the zoo and yes I did lean over the bear fence for the photograph above....dedication.....or as her look would suggest what are you doing? My inner voice when I saw the picture of this little lady dancing with her's moments like these that move way too fast. Little Miss "L" pretended to be shy, but as you can see she has sass. Little Mr."G" was a helpful big brother I can hardly take his little handsome head popping out from his baby sisters pig tails. Thank you for supporting this special organization, it was a pleasure to photograph your beautiful smiles.

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