Monday, April 30, 2012

a blooper from A Smile to Remember

So because I have a loooong history with this little man's folks I feel free to share this ridiculous blooper. Definitely one of my favorite bloopers ever! There are three sides to every story. One he did in fact wake up a 4 am the day of this photo session at "A Smile to Remember". Two he at first, was not so thrilled about taking photo's. Three he totally warmed up and was a sweetheart filled with smiles, he did however manage to send me a subconscious little be told he was pointing and giggling during this but.... seriously? I think his Dad will appreciate this...who OMG he looks so much like now, especially when he is laughing..crazy.

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  1. Hey Jamie! I've just been checking your site out. You do really good work. This is Ben Hudson the photographer you met at Mulaney's on Sunday!