Monday, July 29, 2013

You have us dead already..ummm?

 It was a special gift for my children, as well as my husband & I, to have both sets of parents together on Cape Cod Bay. My little guys are incredibly blessed to have involved, loving grandparents. We as parents are eternally grateful for the ongoing guidance and support, particularly as our littlest guy has special needs and we have needed the chin up, give it to God speech more than once. I wanted to get a portrait of them all together to document this moment, but more for future generations to come. Well insert....your parents will cooperate even LESS than your children when making a photograph. I share the trio of images of them all to illustrate that not all images need to be poetic to matter.  No my mom would not put her drink down and thanks for that sarcastic peace sign, as I ineffectively try to offer guidance. It was clear she would have preferred not to have the photo taken. My mother in law continued to chat and the two pops...well they are just being the two pops and God forbid the conversation that no one wants to have of where and with whom will the kids be standing by. Do I prefer the other images in this post...sure. They make me feel boundless, but the traditional, albeit not particularly successful grandparent portrait will continue to evolve with meaning and this...this to me is the magic of photography. It is not a trick, pretty straightforward actually. When I shared the intent of the image for future generation there were snickers and have us dead already lol.....ummmm, Photography always dances between life and death. I suppose this is one of the reason why I am fascinated by it. With that said I will make a note this year to get in the frame.

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