Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Skate Park Poems DON'T Lie

Today I lit it Up Blue by doing a photo session swap with Julia. As serendipity would have it we met at a lecture by Temple Grandin on Autism. She asked Dr.Grandin how she could work on her interview skills for employment as she wants to be a photographer...(well she already is but she's back in NY from Georgia.) Out of an entire packed auditorium we, by chance,were seated by each other.

One of the reason I love photography so much is because its where all my worlds collide. My job as an art teacher has lead me to a path of most recently needing to know a bit of Spanish. I love learning, teaching, exchanging. What units all these passions photography, education etc. is communication.  With Julia it is with the challenges of Autism, with a student in may be a language barrier. Neither have anything to do with intelligence...both exceptionally brave. To hold your head high and tackle each hurdle, even when you feel alone.....I only aspire to be so bold.

So why...why swap photo's with Julia, why practice diligently on a Spanish app on my phone each night? We all want to be understood, we all have a gift we bring to the table. Photography is its own language. I bring my A game because I expect an A game for my both my sons. Q who is on the spectrum has reaped the benefits of such fabulous teachers, but we are all teachers.

From this shoot Julia reminds me to keep it real and when people try and place limitations on you or others... the skate park poems do not lie. "F@ck the world, F@ckem all".  Be real, find your authentic voice in what ever language that may be...French, English, painting, music you decide.

*Julia is considering conducting skateboarding lessons for kids, especially those on the spectrum in Washingtonville, NY like her page and message her  via FB if you may be interested.

Julia Triassi Photography on FB

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