Saturday, August 16, 2014

Because every chapter matters

I really enjoyed doing this shoot, of not only a very warm and enjoyable family, but one with young adult children. We tend to consider family portraiture as something we do when our children are tots, but as a mother myself let's face it...these kids...well they are your babies forever! This 20 something plus years of marriage and 20 something year old/teen kid place...I can only imagine the well deserved sense of accomplishment to recall the memories that were created because two people fell in love...all this! This appears to be a yet another sweet spot in parenthood...and this place is also a milestone. This place is worth the pause and documentation. Side note...this shoot served as some firsts for me... two participants were stung by hornets...but as a photographer it was helpful that they were in the most discreet of places and they marched on...what troopers! Also at one point I did indeed temporarily loose my shoe and one helpful individual jumped down into the above marsh on my behalf...must make a note not to where my beloved summer flip flops while on a shoot. Life presents many chapters and its important to tell your whole story...not just the first few chapters. Thank you for trusting me with this chapter.

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