Sunday, September 14, 2014

Backyard Bliss

Now this was a beautiful day for a wedding! Ya know what the best part of a backyard wedding is? Well let me tell you....This bride didn't like the forecast for the original date SO she pushed everything back a day.  That was a first for me ...but a perfect idea! I think her smile tells its all. This blended family united under brilliant blue skies. All of the details could be appreciated, especially her fun dress that sparkled in the sun! There was swimming, yard games, football, bouncy houses and endless trays of yummy food. You see the kids all around the dessert table? Yeah they couldn't wait! The paper lanterns offered quite the challenge and excitement, but for the few that went was so darn pretty....and maybe a few small fires.  Congratulations on becoming husband and wife and a  family of five, it was a pleasure to capture your day!!!

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