Monday, October 15, 2012

My FIRST Bah Mitzvah

I have to admit I was a little nervous to take this on. This assignment required a little home work for me, but I love new experiences and the teacher in me didn't mind the homework. Photographs are not permitted  in the Temple, however upon arriving I was granted permission to climb up a set of back stairs to snap a quick picture. I felt like Spider Man a photographer I never question when someone just grants me access.. I just take it with a thank you. Out of respect for the thoughtful traditions (and my Irish Catholic fear spinning in my head that I might be breaking the rules) the rest of the images came after the ceremony. I was immediately impressed with the courage and dedication it takes to reach this coming of age ceremony. "B" had to sing if front of everyone in Hebrew, read etc...I kept wondering what does the introverted Jewish kid do?...This must me daunting... "B" handled this with a grace and ease beyond his years. The Rabbi had a tree planted in his honor, so we had to go outside and capture some of this great October foliage to nod to that kind gesture. At the venue, I witnessed several different traditions, involving prayer, bread, dance and wine....ok wine this one I know! His theme was music and "B and his band even played a few songs. His sister also took the microphone and wowed the crowd. A video streamed of Ben's life and his parents radiated with pride...why shouldn't they? This is one great young man! While I hope you stay forever young, congratulations on your entry into manhood...keep doing it with your natural, welcoming style!!! You are certainly WELL ABOVE AVERAGE! (Like Well Above Average on FaceBook)

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