Friday, November 23, 2012

oh BOYzzz

These little men gave me a run for my money today, but that's ok it just makes the success so much sweeter. Did I wear comfy shoes..yes. Did I bring yeah! As a mom of two little boys myself..I get it. You are exhausted. You ran around all morning, dressed them, changed them, washed their face and than raced to make your portrait time..the last thing you remember is a snack and sometimes the break, especially with the little one's, is what EVERYONE needs. You want the BEST picture EVER that somehow wraps up all the love you have for your little one's. Try not to worry if the shoot is chaotic I have been there, seen it and am not rattled..that crazy memory will fade, but these pictures of organized chaotic joy... yup they are yours forever! It is my pleasure watching these little guys grow.

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