Sunday, October 12, 2014

Getting ready for the first look!

I always love the stark contrast between the women getting ready and the men. This bride had a small army of family and friends getting ready in one house. There was so much energy and excitement it was contagious...never mind a really good playlist jammin. The guys were totally chillin watching ESPN, throwing back a few..ok maybe a couple. I suppose I'm sorta a sucker for the sister shots..I grew up with brothers so..while it was awesome I suppose I always wonder what sisterhood would have been like...looks like it was fun! The bride caught on that I really loved photographing her curlers...but she looks so darn pretty like a movie star behind set! We also set up a Daddy first look..because hey he earned this and he was her first man.  The gold flowers were so unique and fun..just like this couple and accented this perfect fall day. This couple was extremely flexible and handled a slight snag with the party bus. I do think my ability to shift gears come from two places... motherhood and also working as a teacher. This first look "plan b" idea in opinion worked out exactly how it was supposed to...with a  little help from the best man and bridal party...using the ol neighborhood that they both grew up in as a turned out quite sweet and nods to the history they share. Ok after all this... it is still time to GET MARRIED...put on those watches, get in that car. It's time to get hitched. One more private kiss by the gate before you share the day with all of your loved ones! Stay tuned because the party is just getting started....

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