Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Meet Adam.. you already know Julia- 299 Autism stories

So Adam was not thrilled about the idea of his picture being taking...but he is dating a  it's sorta unavoidable. I was surprised about how he let his guard down and allowed  his playful nature to shine...but lets be honest a kiss can do that . He spoke of struggling with socialization in the past and offered some direct, not so filtered feedback on those in his inner circle.

 To be honest this shoot was simple.. dare I say normal or typical...whatever that is right? Just uncomplicated gitty love. What I learned was that he does not drive, for various reasons and because of that he has become quite the avid walker. The path behind him here is a 13 mile trail he travels often to get to where he needs.

 When I was leaving he grew quite upset that I would be driving Julia home, as she also does not drive yet. What struck me was...the raw, honest emotion on his face...somewhere between disappointment and anger and how incredibly frustrating the dependency of transportation must be for a 20 something year old young adult. With autism there are  various ways one needs assistance...but this one..ugh... is sorta takes away that adult freedom and privacy.
I made a HUGE mental note... my desire to live in a more urban area with mass transportation will one day be fulfilled when it makes sense...maybe sheerly for my husband and I or just perhaps maybe the independent needs of our son or sons for that matter. We'll see no need to rush that.... just enjoy the season we are in.

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