Monday, October 20, 2014

Sun kissed ceremony and a PaRRty

It was a beautiful day for a sun kissed ceremony complimented by perfect wedding colors.

The vows were a beautiful blend of sincere formal commitment and something about promising to get him a snack at night and her needing extra cuddle time. It was wicked cute.

Sealed with a kiss the night is about to begin and this dress gives a great twirl.

Let's be honest when the moon is up people let loose

And this crowd was ready for fun!

 I love this candid of the bride's father with his son and new son in exudes joy and a bit of what are we getting into lol....Well Dad stay tuned and dive this party unfold.
Apparently in this family "Shout" is a must have on the set list and they are not joking...yes that is the bride laying on the floor and here is the groom being tossed in the air...whew!

My sincere gratitude for allowing me to capture the first day of your story as husband and wife..all the best to you always!!!

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